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Linux in General

There is much to tell about using Slackware, but even more to tell about using Linux…
This page serves as the starting point for writing down my issues with Linux in general. For example, from time to time I bump into the peculiarities of certain applications, read interesting stuff on the internet or in magazines, that I feel the need to comment on. Let’s see what this will bring…

Tweaking your applications


Many Windows users are switching to Linux because of the fact that Working in Windows is a troublesome activity - too much time behind the Windows computer is consumed by keeping up with Microsoft's patches, watching over your virus and spam scanner and fearing each email that enters your Outlook Express inbox. A Linux computer is generally considered to be more safe and secure, and reliable, to use.
Regardless, there is still a lot to be said about enhancing the security of your Linux box. I have a couple of tips, hints, and links for you.

Secure Email

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