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The Firefox browser

Firefox logo Much of what I explain adheres to Firefox' bigger brother Mozilla of course.

Tabbed browsing

Ever wondered why Firefox in Windows does things differently than Firefox in Linux? Well I don't :-) But it is a fact that some of the Firefox default preferences in Linux are different from what you are used to in Windows. One such difference is the middle-mouse click on a tabbed window. In Windows, this closes the tabbed window; in Linux, this will paste the current clipboard contents into the Location bar and visits the site - if it is an URL - or performs a search otherwise.

Now, I want my Firefox always to close the tabbed window when I middle-mouseclick the tab. The solution:

  • open the user.js file in an editor. This is the file that you can put your personal preferences in - it will never be overwritten by Firefox, like the prefs.js. This file may not be existant yet, in which case you just create it (after closing all Firefox windows). The user.js file is located in your profile directory, just like the prefs.js file: ~/.firefox/default.<some_string>/user.js. Add this line to user.js:
    user_pref("middlemouse.contentLoadURL", false);

    Then start Firefox again - it works!

 The Firefox browser ()