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Hi! I am Eric Hameleers, and I am not a Slackware employee. I was given this space to store my contributions to the Slackware community.

All of what I make available here is not official Slackware-released software. Do not bug Pat about what you download from my homepage (other than to tell him he should include my packages in the official Slackware distribution if you like them :-)

What I do like is to get feedback!

In case you wonder; the above image is a constant reminder to my entry into the “real world” of computers. This leaflet hung in my room when I started my first night-time job as application developer / technical sales support.


  • Scripts that act as DHCP client hooks (custom commands that execute when your IP address changes)
  • A patch for the hotplug net.agent script - you need this if you use Slackware 10.1 or older and have problems with wireless and WPA


I installed DokuWiki which is a light-weight Wiki that is geared towards documentation generation. I will try and add some of my knowledge to these pages. If you have specific questions that you want to see answered here, please email me.

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